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Version 1.9.48 | 4.0 MB | XP sp3, Vista, 7

Download free music directly from your desktop – no p2p, no ads, mp3s from 16 music search engines.

Songr aggregates results from 16 mp3 search engines
Full album search
Available languages: English, Español, Deutsch, Português, Français, Italiano, Norsk, Dansk, Nederlands, Türkçe, Български, Magyar, Chinese (Traditional), Latviešu, Româna, 한국어, Indonesia, Català, Ελληνικά, Hebrew, Polski, Euskera, Русский, Svenska, Nederlands
Download HQ/HD YouTube videos and optionally extracts the audio track as mp3
It grays out low bitrate preview-only and mp3s
Intelligent sorting: Songr tries to display high quality mp3s on the top of the list
Double clicking a mp3 file opens it directly in Windows Media Player
Songr converts links that point to a web page instead of the mp3 file
It makes possible to discover the name of a song by typing some words in the Search by lyrics panel and listen to apreview of the song
Automatic updates check, to get more search engine connectors
Automatic mode
Links to buy music from Amazon and Rhapsody
Spell checker
Log file
It’s freeware, without ads or restrictions
Supported mp3 search engines, (YouTube videos)

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