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How to convert a Multicast IP Address to the corresponding MAC Address. Converting Decimal to Binary and Hexadecimal.

Recently I was working to track down a multicast problem for a client on an enterprise network and needed to determine what the exact multicast MAC address would be. I knew that any mac address that started with 01-00-5E was a multicast address, but wasn’t sure how the rest of it was calculated. I’ll explain below exactly how to determine the multicast MAC address from the multicast IP as well as provide a few helpful websites. (more…)

Modifying your hosts file to point a domain at a specific IP address

Sometimes you will have a need to point a domain at a different IP than the current DNS resolves to. This can be to test your website when moving it from one server to another or if you are a web developer and need to test the site before making it live. Whatever the reason it is very easy to do this on both Windows, Linux, and Mac systems.