Complete full list of cPanel scripts under the /scripts directory

If you’re a cPanel System Administrator you have probably seen or used one of the scripts included with cPanel/WHM under the /scripts directory. Below i’m working on creating a complete list of all cPanel scripts and what they do.

This is a work in progress. I’m going to go through all the scripts and test them to determine any arguments or unknowns. Working on some way to format as well, stay tuned.

Add a DNS zone.

Add frontpage mail extensions to all domains without them.

Add frontpage mail extensions to all domains without them.

Add the netmask to all IPs that have no netmask.

Adds the group nobody and activates security.

Add a Pop Account.

Add JSP support to an account (requires tomcat).

(Internal use never called by user).

Add a user to the system.

Run WHM Lite.

Add rlimits to Apache

Installs the latest version of exim.

looks for logs nearing 2 gigabytes in size

Installs crypto on FreeBSD.

Configures the proper lib directories in FreeBSD.

Tests the connection speed for downloading FreeBSD packages.

Install expect on FreeBSD.

Rebuilds exim.conf.

Installs postgresql on FreeBSD.

Checks /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf for bad users.

Checks and repairs proftpd ownership on FreeBSD.

Checks to make sure the C compiler works on your system.

Checks for the FrontPage suid key

Checks to see if GD is built.

(Internal use).

Checks to make sure the proper libssl symlinks exist.

Checks to see if apache has reached the maximum clients allowed.

Checks to see if the version of Perl on your system is old.

Checks to make sure rsync is up to date.

Checks to see if mailman has been patched for suexec.

Checks to see if suspend pages are properly named.

Makes sure up2date is set up properly (RedHat)

Makes sure yum is set up properly.

Makes sure /usr/sbin/chown has a symlink to /bin/chown

Change ownership of all users web space to them, which is useful for converting to suexec. Files owned by nobody are deleted.

Change password.

Allows you to kill a process (used like killall).

Allows you to kill a process.

Cleans up old bandwidth logs.

Clean up named.conf.

Cleans up old GD installs and reinstalls GD

Fix CPAN md5 problems.

cleans exim’s msglog

Cleans up improper mySQL privileges.

Disables the usage of compilers for unprivileged users.

Converts mail from mbox to maildir format and installs courier impap and pop (cpimap is removed).

Updates/Installs Courier

Runs backups.

Upgrades RedHat to the newest version (for testing only)

Enables DNS clustering.

Adds a cron job to dump the DNS queue.

Only if the server has a DNS master (sync with DNS master).

Downgrades FrontPage Extensions (to 5.0-0)

Drops a mySQL database.

Upgrade Apache

Change a users quota.

Enable service checking of webmaild.

Protects home directories if file protection is built in apache.

Installs a FreeBSD package.

Installs a rpm.

Installs exim 3.

Installs exim 4.

Installs exim release #260. (RedHat only)

Creates a cron job for exim_tidy_db.

Enables/Disables exim local sending.

Cleans the exim message log.

Installs/Updates exim.


Search for common Trojan Horses.

Lists root processes that may need to be checked out.

Check to see if your php version file is up to date.

Exhaustive Trojan Horse search.

Fixes permissions on carts when using suexec.

Fixes permissions on all users’ Interchange Shopping Carts.

Makes sure all bin file paths are correct.

Updates bind to solve any problems with bugs.

Attempt to fix the most common problems.

Fixes problems with /etc/hosts

Fix common problems and quotas.

Fix for .wml errors with frontpage.

Run if nothing compiles errors with .h files on compile.

Reinstall interchange Perl modules.

fix permissions on a user’s interchange cart.

Same as addnetmask ips, but Perl though.

Reinstall Bundle::libnet (Perl).

Change /etc/hosts to work better with PHP 4.2.0 + MySQL.

Updates and restarts mailman.

Reinstalls muse.

Fixes problems with mySQL.

Fixes problesm with mySQL on FreeBSD.

Updates bind to handle many DNS zones (more than 512).

Repair redhat’s broken named.conf on 7.2.

Run after enabling suexec on the server to change the URLs that Mailman gives out to ones that don’t give a 500 internal server error.

Symlink /usr/local/bin/perl /usr/bin/perl.

Makes sure a perlscript includes all corresponding modules.

Fix a POP account and reset password.

Fixes problems with /usr/local/etc/proftpd.conf

Updates proftpd.

Fix quotas.

Fixes named.conf to prevent rndc staus failed.

Reinstalls a failed spamassassin update.

Run if subdomain logs don’t show up in cPanel.

Fix CGI scripts that are broken after suexec installed.

Fix permisions on valiases.

Repair a Webalizer that has stopped updating.

Updates the fpexe3 patch.

Updates FrontPage extensions to include the anonymous user patch.

Checks for FTPSSL.

Runs quota checking for all ftp users.

Updates your ftp server.

Resets Horde and displays the current Horde password.

Fixes problesm with futex.

Starts futex.

Installs gcc-3.3.3

Generate a .crt and .csr file.

Checks to see if grpck is working properly.

Enable dma/irq/32bit HD access, which speeds up IDE drives.

Turns on hdparm.

Mounts your file systems with ACL support (make sure your kernel supports ACLs)

Enable FrontPage suexec support.

Turn on quota support on new drives.

Make sure HTTP starts with SSL.

Turn on suexec support if suexec is installed.


Install Bundle::DBD::mysql.

Installs FrontPage 5 Extensions on FreeBSD.

Installs FrontPage on Gentoo.

Builds GD.

Install or update ImageMagick. (Verified 5/30/12 on 11.32.3)

Installs a FreeBSD package.

Installs PostrgeSQL.

Installs a rpm.

Install SpamAssassin.

Add a SSL vhost.

Install zend optimzer.

Install zend optimizer on a freebsd machine.

Checks an ip to see if it is dedicated.

Delete an account.

Security script that kills insecure RPMs from the server.

Delete a DNS zone.

Removes the document root for a virtual host.

Remove the broken NDBM_File module from 7.2.

Removes a virtual host from proftpd.conf.

Removes a spam key.

Removes a SSL entry for a virtual host.

Delete a vhost.

Checks mailing lists for issues.

Lists common problems.

List subdomains.

Fix almost any mail permission problem.

Updates MailScanner

Guided mail fix.

Installs php.

Part of DNS transfer.

Updates cPanel manually.

Encrypts a password into MD5.

Sets up Mandrake’s msec to allow exim to run as mailnull.

Create a MySQL databse and user.

Attempts to connect to MySQL, restarts SQL if necessary.

Delete a MySQL database and user.

Change MySQL password.

Checks your connection speed for downloading mySQL rpms.

Updates mySQL.

Checks to see if the nbdm module is loaded (kills in RedHat 7.2)


Installs the latest version of exim.


Removes mod_attach from httpd.conf.

Removes mod_auth_mysql from httpd.conf.

Removes mod_bwportect from httpd.conf.

Removes mod_gzip from httpd.conf.

Removes mod_perl from httpd.conf.

Updates old addons to X addons.

Parks a domain.

Fixes exim.conf.

Installs perl.

Create a php.ini file.

Checks your download time from cPanel mirrors.

backs up an Alab*nza account for transfer.

backs up a ci*ost account for transfer.

backs up a d*m account for transfer.

backs up an en*im account for transfer.

backs up a p*a account for transfer.

Installs proftpd-1.2.8.

Fixes permissoins on /dev/ptmx.

Verifies the integrity of system authentication information.

Updates your kernel.

Quickly kill useless services.

Rebuilds the cPanel SSL Certificate.

Rebuilds /var/cpanel/users.

Rebuilds /etc/passwd.

Rebuilds exim on FreeBSD.

Rebuild httpd.conf from the proftpd.conf file.

Used after moving a domain with Interchange to the server.

Restore named.conf from files in /var/named.

Restore proftpd.conf from httpd.conf.

Reinstalls mailman.

Relocates files from /var to /usr in case of disk space issues.

Remove default SSL vhost.

Resets exim’s default settings.

Resets all imap passwords.

Change quotas to what they should be .

Restart a service.

Restart apache.

Restart bind.

Restart clamd.

Restart courier imap.

Restart cppop.

Restart entropy chat.

Restart exim.

Restart exim statistics.

Restart your ftp server.

Restart httpd.

Restart impad.

Restart inetd.

Restart Interchange Shopping Cart.

Restart melange chat.

Restart mysqld.

Restart named.

Restart postgresql.

Restart postgresql.

Restart proftpd.

Restart pure-ftpd.

Restart spamd.

Restart sshd.

Restart syslogd.

Restart tomcat.

Restart xinetd.

Restores a user’s mail.

Restart whostmgr.

Upgrade redhat/mandrake errata/security.

Installs RRD Tool.

Runs statistics (should be used from the crontab).

Run analog/webalizer/etc. for a user.

Installs perl safely.

Runs up2date safely.

Runs yum safely.

Remove unnecessary suid binaries.

Attempts to secure the MySQL configuration.

Adds securetmp to system startup.

Install FrontPage 3 on an account.

Install FrontPage 4 (2000) installer on an account.

Install FrontPage 5 (2002) installer on an account.

Install FrontPage 5 (2002) installer on an account when not using suexec.

Shows exe processes.

Display the process list.

Checks hard drive integrity.

Enables SMTP Mail Protection.

Disables SpamAssassin’s spambox delivery for all accounts.

Suspends an account.

update cPanel RPMs.

Installs the latest version of bind patched to support greater than 512 ips on the server.

Unblocks an IP blocked by portsentry.

Removes FrontPage 4 or 5 from an account.

If the user accidentally sets a DNS master as local server, this will repair named.conf after the loop.

Unsuspends an account.

Updates cPanel.

Updates /scripts.

Updates FrontPage

Updates /scripts NOW.

Updates PHP configuration files.

Finds out who owns a domain.

Creates an account.

Reports the current addon scripts installed.


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