How to make your own Open Source Microlight (OSM/OSM2) Programmer Cable

Open Source Microlight (OSM2)

If you didn’t already know, this past year (2015), has been very good for anybody interested in microlights (gloving) because last year we saw the release of the brand new Open Source Microlight, thanks to the one and only Ramiro Montes De Oca.  With the original OSM being so popular on Kickstarter, the release of the OSM2 was not far behind the original.  So of course you know I had to pre-order a set of the OSM2 immediately once I found out … and thankfully Ramiro is very active on the OSM Mode Swap facebook group, and after shipping out the first set of OSM2’s, he let everyone know that there was going to be a slight delay on shipments as he ran out of programmers for them, but if you had one already, he could ship out your chips.  Well … being the junkie and geek that I am, I didn’t want not having a programmer to stop me, so I set out on a mission to figure out how to build my own programmer, and here’s how I did it… (more…)

How to fix IonCube/ZendGuard “undefined symbol: executor_globals” after upgrading Apache and PHP

undefined symbol: executor_globals

Recently when updating a WHM/cPanel server to use the new version of Apache and PHP (Apache 2.4 & PHP 5.6), after everything completed, I kept getting errors even though I know the PHP modules for IonCube and ZendGuard were installed correctly … turns out there was another issue … and here’s how to fix it. (more…)

Pulse Orlando Shooting: Putting Anger to Good Use

Pulse Orlando Remembrance PLUR Flag

As many of you probably already know, around 2 AM in Orlando Florida at Pulse Nightclub, Omar Mateen entered the club through a side door, and opened fire on the crowd, that at the time, had around 300 people in attendance.  In total, 49 people were killed (50 including the gunman), and 53 were taken to the hospital, making this the deadliest shooting in American history.

I’ve personally lived in Orlando for over 10 years, and even though I am a straight male, I know many people in the LGBTQ community, and this was very sad news to wake up to Sunday morning.  At first I was filled with sadness, pain, which then turned to anger … but I knew I could not let that anger take over me, and I needed to put it to good use. So I decided to  (more…)

Plex GPG error: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available

Plex Debian Repo GPG Error

Recently while I was attempting to run a standard  apt-get update on a personal server, I received an error regarding the Plex repository, something about signature couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available.

Thankfully though, I have seen this type of error before, and it’s very easy to fix …  (more…)