" June 2012 "

Virtualmin Cloudmin will not install error libdigest-sha1-perl on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

When recently installing Cloudmin on a server running Ubuntu 12.04 I came across an error saying that Cloudmin could not install due to libdigest-sha1-perl not being installed. Even if you try running apt-get install libdigest-sha1-perl you will not find it in any repositories because the version of Perl used for Ubuntu 12.04 already includes Digest::SHA. Nevertheless there are some applications that still call libdigest-sha1-perl, inlcuding Cloudmin. In order to install libdigest-sha1-perl you need to (more…)

How to erase or wipe a hard drive and MBR using linux

Sometimes you may need to wipe your hard drive for either security reasons or just to have a clean hard drive.  Here are a few commands you can use under linux to wipe either the entire hard drive or just the MBR.  You can do this with all 0’s or random data for security.