Allow customers/clients to use promo codes instead of affiliate links in WHMCS

WHMCS Affiliate Code Client Area Preview

If you’ve ever joined an affiliate program with an online retailer, or some type of company, you already know the most common way used by these sites to track the people you refer to them is normally with some ugly URL link that specifically tells the person it’s an affiliate link (  Well what happens if you send a person to their site, and then they come back a week later but don’t use your link?  What if they just don’t even sign up because they think the only reason you’re sending them to that site is because you’re an affiliate?  Well, if you have WHMCS, you’re in luck.

WHMCS Affiliate Code Client Area Preview

WHMCS Affiliate Code Client Area Preview

WHMCS Affiliate Coupon Admin Preview

WHMCS Affiliate Coupon Admin Preview

WHMCS Affiliate Coupons

WHMCS Affiliate Coupons was original created and developed by Frank Lazslo from A Small Orange back in 2010 (forum link), and thankfully he was nice enough to leave the project open source instead of asking for payment.  If you are already familiar with my blog you know how much of an open source advocate I am, and being as though I love(d) this plugin, and recent updates to WHMCS ended up breaking it, I decided to update and post it on GitHub for others to benefit from, just like I did when Frank first created it.

Version 2.1 is a new release, and complete codebase rework.  Please see the GitHub repository for details on installation, especially if you’re upgrading from an older version!  The information is on this page it out dated!


WHMCS Affiliate Coupons is an addon module for WHMCS that will allow you to create “templates”, these templates are specific promotions you can allow your affiliates to use when they create custom promo codes.  These custom promo codes they create will be tied to their affiliate account.  The affiliate will then give out these promo codes to their customers, and when the customer uses that specific promo code on your website, it will be tied to the affiliate, which means they no longer have to give out ugly affiliate links!


  • Create unlimited coupon templates
  • Coupon templates include all available WHMCS promo code features (type, recurring, valid cycles, etc.)
  • Allow Affiliates to create coupons based on templates
  • End-users using affiliate coupons get a discount, and affiliate gets the referral credit
  • Affiliate can redirect their affiliate URL to a custom landing page
  • WHMCS 5.2.1+ Fully Supported


Admin Area Configuration and Affiliate Coupon Templates

WHMCS Affiliate Coupon Admin Preview

WHMCS Affiliate Coupon Admin Preview

The affiliate coupon templates support all of the features available in the default WHMCS promo code section. These options are configurable directly from the admin section of WHMCS.

Current available features include:

  • Label
  • Type (Percentage, Fixed Amount, Free Setup)
  • Value
  • Recurring
  • Valid Cycles (any, one time, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • Applies To (you can select any of your plans/packages the code can apply to)
  • Expiration
  • Max Uses (0 is used for unlimited)
  • Apply Once (apply only once per order)
  • New Signups Only (apply to new signups only)
  • Existing Client Only (apply to existing clients only)


Client Area Output

This addon will add an additional section to the client area affiliates page output.  Currently everything is output at the bottom of the affiliates page, but you can adjust that by editing your affiliates.tpl file, and placing the code below where you want the output generated at:

WHMCS Affiliate Code Client Area Preview

WHMCS Affiliate Code Client Area Preview

Currently the affiliate.tpl file is included with this module, and already had this code included in it, so make sure to remove it if you overwrite your existing affiliate.tpl file with the one from this addon, otherwise you will have double output.

The client area output currently includes 3 sections, Landing Page, Your Coupons, and Add Coupons. The Landing Page is just an addon to the existing affiliate link used by WHMCS, you can set this landing page to whatever you want, and when a user vists your default affiliate link for WHMCS, they will be redirected to this URL you specify.

Your coupons will list current active coupons, details about the coupons, including the usage, value, and type. You can also remove coupons directly from the client area as well.
Add Coupons will give the users a dropdown box to choose from including all of the templates you pre-configured on the admin side.


While I obviously have to work on this during my spare time, i’m hoping that other developers can contribute and make this plugin something every WHMCS user can’t live without!  With that being said, there are a few items I have planned for updates on the addon.

  • Convert to new addon module format
  • Auto inject client area output instead of modifying template
  • Update and clean up admin look
  • Update and clean up client area look
  • Allow option to disable landing page
  • Allow option to limit number of customer promo codes

Got an idea to add?  Let me know!  Post a comment, or email me!

The Goods

WHMCS Affiliate Coupons Github
WHMCS Affiliate Coupons on WHMCS Forums


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