“Who can make something dope out of this green screen” – Skrillex & Zedd PSD/Image

Skrillex recently posted a tweet “Who can make something dope out of this green screen ” … I just happened to see it and decided I would take a shot at it. 聽The original image was very low resolution, probably the worst green screen you could imagine, Zedd is wearing green shorts, lighting is off and casting shadows, Skrillex is wearing all black and it blends with the shadows …. the list goes on.

Regardless聽I did come up with something and figured it would be best to release to others so they can come up with their own ideas and not have to worry about knowing Photoshop or being able to get the first part done which was simply extracting only Skrillex and Zedd.

These files are nowhere near perfect as I wasn’t going to spend hours on the image trying to get it perfect, but it’s better than nothing 馃槈

So download the PSD or just the transparent PNG and start playing around with ideas!

Don’t forget to reply to the tweet with any ideas you come up with!


Download 鈥淪krillex and Zedd Transparent PSD鈥 Skrillex-N-Zedd-Merged.psd 鈥 Downloaded 16 times 鈥 1 MB

Download 鈥淪krillex and Zedd Transparent PNG鈥 Skrillex-N-Zedd-Transparent.PNG


Here’s some of the pictures I came up with:



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