How to fix CloudLinux error UsePAM yes is missing


Just recently while going through email notifications for some of my servers, I noticed one of them was showing a CloudLinux error in reference to UsePAM yes being in the sshd_config file.  After checking the /etc/ssh/sshd_config and seeing that entry was in fact in there, I had to do a little bit of research to figure out how to fix it…

The exact error I was getting is this:

When I checked the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file “UsePAM yes” was un-commented and technically I shouldn’t be getting that error.

WELL, turns out this is a bug in CloudLinux, and the fix was very simple.

Open up the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and find the line with UsePAM yes on it.  

If it is already un-commented, add a space before UsePAM yes, so if it looks like this right now:

All you have to do is add a single space before “UsePAM yes”, save the file and run the check below.

You can test to make sure CloudLinux isn’t having this error anymore by running this command:



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  • Pioneer Websites

    The space didn’t fix it for me. Check fails. I wonder when the update is?

    #UsePAM no
    [space]UsePAM yes

    • Hm, not sure, probably best to open support ticket with them.

      Did you try restarting sshd service?

      • Pioneer Websites

        No I didn’t, good suggestion. I was about to but (perhaps overnight, perhaps an update?) the cldiag –check-usepam now passes. Thanks anyway Myles, for your follow up.

  • Bryan Veloso

    thanks for this! 🙂 got an error that was being sent to my e-mail everyday. I think this is due to the recent cloudlinux update. Am I correct?

    • I believe so, CloudLinux claims it will be fixed in the next update which makes me assume they have marked it as a bug.