How to make firefox open popups in new tab or stop from opening in new tab

Firefox normally will open up popups just fine, after doing some tweaking to my firefox though i guess the settings got changed. I added the Chromifox style which is what i think might have changed it but i’m not sure. My issue was that firefox started opening normal popups for live chat windows in a new tab…this was not acceptable. In this quick tutorial i’m going to show you how to change it to either make firefox open popups in their normal popup windows or open them in a new tab.

Mozilla Firefox Config Options

Config Options

First you will need to open Firefox and type in your address bar
as you can see in the image on the right.

This will prompt you with a warning, accept and proceed from there. Once you get past that part there will be a lot of listings, where it says filter type in

Mozilla Firefox Change Popup Config

Mozilla Firefox Change Popup Config

You will see two options available, the one we want is
as you can see in the screenshot, it is the one i have highlighted.

Right click on the property and select Modify

To make popups open in a new tab, change the value to 3
To make popups open normally like they should, change the value to 2 or 1

Using 2 worked perfect for me, try it out and see if it works for you. Hope this helps as i was very annoyed with popups not opening correctly!

This was testing and working on Mozilla Firefox 3.6.10


Orlando, FL

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  • Andrew Chase

    my problem is a chat opens a new window, not a new tab and the value is 3 in my settings. i want the chat to open in a new tab.

    • That sounds like something specific to the website you’re going to. If you give me the URL to the site I can look at it and let you know

  • Every time I’d search for something in Google or any other search site, I would click on any of the results and FF would throw me into a new tab. This started to get frustrating. This article really helped. When I entered 2 it opened up links in a new window so I entered 1 and that worked just fine. Thanks again.

  • Inc

    Hey thanks for this !! Just what i was looking for, worked great.