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How to restore cPanel DNS zone files from backup

If your cPanel is setup for daily backups and you accidentally deleted a DNS zone or need to restore one for a client, all your DNS zone backup files are stored here:


How to use and install Android ADB on Linux (64 bit/32 bit/x86/x64) with AUTO INSTALLER!

That’s right! After a lot of searching I finally found a script someone made that will help to install the Android SDK/ADB on Linux whether you are running a 64 bit or 32 bit version. This is an auto installer so you do not need to worry about anything! The script will even install 32 bit binaries automatically for you! I absolutely take no credit for this, all credit is due here.

How to make firefox open popups in new tab or stop from opening in new tab

Firefox normally will open up popups just fine, after doing some tweaking to my firefox though i guess the settings got changed. I added the Chromifox style which is what i think might have changed it but i’m not sure. My issue was that firefox started opening normal popups for live chat windows in a new tab…this was not acceptable. In this quick tutorial i’m going to show you how to change it to either make firefox open popups in their normal popup windows or open them in a new tab. (more…)