How to create a CD-ROM ISO image from hard drive, flash drive, or directory using Linux

Creating an ISO under linux is actually a LOT easier than you may think. You don’t need any extra software, and it can be done directly from the command line interface. To create an iso open a command line terminal and use the command below.

Create an ISO using dd

if=/dev/sdb is the data you want to be used for the ISO. In this example i’m going to create an ISO from the entire sdb drive. That includes all partitions, sdb1, sdb2, etc.

of=/sdb-iso.iso is the path to the ISO file you wish to create.

Yes, it’s that simple! There are MANY ways you can use dd to erase hard drives, copy hard drives, etc. Be careful that you don’t mix up IF and OF. Using these incorrectly can ruin your day for sure!

The way I like to remember it, “IF = Input File, OF = Output File”, or “IF i use this data…”


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