How to install Git under CentOS running cPanel

Recently when working on creating a new bash script to calculate inode usage I attempted to install Git on a CentOS 5 cPanel server and got a lot of Perl errors. After running the install command from Yum as you can see in the output below it was complaining about dependencies.

Here’s a few of the errors that I received when trying to install

After searching around and doing a little bit of research I figured out the problem was related to cPanel itself. cPanel was blocking the installation of any Perl modules to prevent it from conflicting with their packages.

Thankfully though there is a really simple way through Yum to install Git and bypass this block from cPanel.

We add in the –disableexcludes=main and you should be able to install Git without any problems.

If you end up having problems with cPanel afterwards (which I have not experienced), you can run this script from cPanel to check the Perl modules installed.


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