Display and View User Meta with User Meta Display WordPress Plugin

User Meta Display Wordpress Plugin Output

After being frustrated and not being able to find any clean plugins that will display specific User Meta, I decided it was time to just go ahead and write my own plugin.  Hence, my newest WordPress Plugin, User Meta Display, was born.  This plugin will give you a dropdown box of users you can select from, when you select a user it will automatically display all of that user’s meta details using AJAX.

This plugin was kept as simple and clean as possible, and right now the only feature is displaying all of the user’s meta.  When you install the plugin (available from WordPress Plugin Repo), it will create a sub menu item under the “Users” menu.  All you have to do is go to that page and select the user from the dropdown box.  As simple as that.

Planned features include a link from the User menu (next to delete, edit, etc), and ability to edit a meta directly from the page.

Output will look like this:

User Meta Display WordPress Plugin Output

User Meta Display WordPress Plugin Output


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  • Michael

    It throws an error when I want to install it under WP 4.0

    • Please post an issue on the GitHub issue page so the problem can be tracked. I tested it on a blank 4.0 install and didn’t get any errors so my assumption is you’re using PHP 5.2 (way outdated) and the plugin may have issues with 5.2 (dont have it installed to be able to test).

      Please also post in the issue anything from the error log or debug.log (in wp-content folder) so I can further troubleshoot for you.


    • Sowrabh Behl

      Yes this happens to me too